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Calvinia lies in one of South Africa’s largest provinces, the Northern Cape.  This little Karoo town sits about halfway between Cape Town and Upington.  In Calvinia you can allow yourself to be "transported" to the past without being deprived of all the modern comforts.  Relax in the peace and quiet, where the past and present are intertwined. 


Calvinia offers a range of accommodation options including Guesthouses, Bed and Breakfast's, self-catering units and farm stays. There are numerous hiking and biking trails throughout Calvinia. These trails offer breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.  


Akkerendam Nature Reserve with two hiking trails allows you the opportunity to enjoy magnificent scenery and watch the abundant bird life.  Spring flowers for nature lovers and the ever popular Meat Festival at the end of August.


The Calvinia Museum in Church Street is housed in the old synagogue. The museum illustrates the history of sheep farming in South Africa.  The Tourism Office is also based here with easy access to all the relevant information on Calvinia.


Travellers often use the town as a stop-over along the R27 route. The tourism season peaks during August and September when it is flower time!

Discovering Family Fun: Top 10 Activities in Calvinia


  • Outdoor Adventures for Families: Calvinia offers a variety of hiking trails suitable for all skill levels, including the Hantam National Botanical Garden and the rugged terrain of the Karoo landscape. Camping sites with family-friendly amenities provide opportunities for memorable experiences under the starlit sky.


  • Child-Friendly Attractions in Calvinia: Charming museums offer interactive exhibits and hands-on activities, while parks and playgrounds provide space for children to play freely amidst picturesque landscapes.


  • Recreational Activities Around Calvinia: Explore the stunning landscapes surrounding Calvinia through horse riding or family bike rides along scenic routes, offering moments of sheer joy and connection with nature.


  • Tourist Spots Worth Exploring as a Family: Visit the Hantam National Botanical Garden to discover indigenous flora and fauna, or explore historic churches to deepen your understanding of Calvinia's cultural heritage.


  • Best Places Suitable for All Ages in and Near the Region: The Botanical Gardens offer interactive exhibits for all ages, while nearby vineyards provide tours showcasing the winemaking process, with tasting sessions available for adults.


  • Indoor Activities as Alternatives for Bad Weather Days: Amusement arcades offer a fun-filled escape on gloomy days, with a variety of games to entertain all ages and bridge generations together under one roof.


  • Dining Options with Kid-Friendly Menus or Facilities: Choose restaurants like The Fig Tree Restaurant or Cactus Corner, known for their welcoming atmosphere and diverse menus catering to both parents and children.


  • Planning Tips for a Successful Day Outing with Children: Start outings early to maximize energy levels, plan strategic breaks, and pack snacks and water to keep little ones hydrated and fueled for a day of exploration.


  • Family Adventures in Calvinia: Exploring Calvinia with family is about creating lasting memories and bonding through shared experiences. Whether hiking, visiting museums, or enjoying local cuisine, cherish each moment as an opportunity to connect and create unforgettable memories together.


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Calvinia Info, Northern Cape, South Africa,, Accommodation, ActivitiesCalvinia Info, Northern Cape, South Africa,, Accommodation, ActivitiesCalvinia Info, Northern Cape, South Africa,, Accommodation, ActivitiesCalvinia Info, Northern Cape, South Africa,, Accommodation, ActivitiesCalvinia Info, Northern Cape, South Africa,, Accommodation, ActivitiesCalvinia Info, Northern Cape, South Africa,, Accommodation, Activities